The History of Var-Spe

Giuseppe Speggiorin, founder of Var-Spe and the inventor of the hydrodynamic speed variator, was born in 1924 in the province of Vicenza into a numerous family. During his childhood and youth, he learnt the values of honesty, earnestness and moral integrity from his parents. These were the values that guided him throughout his life and at work.

His passion for mechanics was born in post-war period when, as a young man, he went to work for a company specialising in the repair of airplane engines.

After this experience, he was hired in a factory and became the maintenance supervisor of machinery. Here he became fascinated with speed variation in industrial processes and started to understand that there was a growing need in companies for means to adapt the speed of motors to the production process.

This marked the beginning of a history of technological innovation that still today sees Var-Spe play a leading role at a global level.

The main stages

1955 Construction of the first prototypes of a mechanical variator
1957 After two years of study and testing he designed a new hydraulic variator exploiting the principles of oleodynamics. It was an absolute innovation in an industry where there was only the mechanical variator.
1963 On March 23rd, he founded Var-Spe, with the help of two financial partners who make it possible for him to manufacture his products.
1965 It marks beginning of the production and sale on the market of the hydrodynamic variator; thus are born the variators 02, 03, 04 and 05.
1965-1970 Development and construction of the type 11 to 17 standard series of variators with power output ranging from 0.37 kW to 22 kW.
1970-1980 Development of electrohydraulic controls.
1982-1983 Development of variator series A2, A4, A48 and A10.
1994 After many years Giuseppe Speggiorin succeeded in acquiring 100% of the company he founded.
2003 The company starts supplying products that comply with the Atex Directive.
2004 In the month of August Giuseppe Speggiorin passed away at the age of 80.
2007-2008 Unification and improvement of the series A and 11/14 ranges with the creation of the new series K variator available also in ATEX version (fit for explosive environments).
2013-2014 Development of new electronic controls such as the new TS-DC02 card for remote adjustment via analog/digital signal.
2015 On March 4th the entire company was taken over by Caterina, Giuseppe’s daughter; she has been at the company since 1986, gaining extensive experience in various areas of the business.
Caterina has ensured continuity and aims at making the company grow further by leveraging innovation and continuous improvement. She is also set on preserving the moral and work ethics that she learnt from her father Giuseppe.

20 June 2016. Confindustria Vicenza president Luciano Vescovi, together with Confindustria president Vincenzo Boccia have awarded a prize to Var-Spe (Caterina Speggiorin in the photo), one of the six companies from Vicenza turning 50 years of membership to the Association.