The Var-Spe speed variator allows you to make adjustments from zero rpm up to the speed of the electric motor with a ratio of 1:30 and up to 1:35 with 60 Hz motors (no inverter or mechanical variator can reach such wide speed ranges).
Yes, the Var-Spe variator is fit to work in harsh environments where dust, humidity and vibrations are limiting factors for other solutions.
Yes, the speed adjustment handwheel can be preset with the motor off without damaging any component inside the variator.
Yes, the Var-Spe variator is capable of starting from zero rpm with strong breakaway torques. It is therefore an excellent solution for machines with high inertia.
The Var-Spe variator has an adjustable torque limiter that is triggered in the event of an overload. As soon as the jam ceases, the variator starts working again. If you wish, it is also possible to provide for a more sophisticated solution with a simple and inexpensive pressure switch that can turn the electric motor off or trigger an alarm in case of prolonged jams.
We can supply our variators with remote controls. In this case, an electronic board will monitor the variator adjustment system that allows using a 4-20 mA reference signal (other possible signals are 0-10V, potentiometer, digital signals). Click here to learn more.
Of course. Our variator can be supplied with male input shaft to be connected via pulley ratio to the power output of the diesel engine. Contact Var-Spe for more details.
Our variator is a system that is simple and reliable. It needs no skilled labour for use or to restart it after a machine breakdown. It is intuitive and easy to maintain (oil change).
Yes, the Var-Spe variable can work with food-grade oils (NSF/FDA).
Yes, the K series is available in NEMA version, with shafts and flanges in inches (56C, 143TC, 145TC, 182Tc and 184TC). Click here to see the sizes.
Var-Spe variators can be supplied in accordance with the ATEX directive, providing a simple and affordable solution. Click here to learn more.
Our variator can also work with dynamic braking. Contact Var-Spe for more information.
Using the adjustment systems of Var-Spe variators, you can quickly reverse the output shaft without reversing the electric motor that always rotates in the same direction and at the same speed.