MI04 Hydraulic motors

15,24-19,91 cm³/REV



The MI new serie of Var-Spe radial pistons hydraulic motors is particularly suitable for applications where a large range of speed is required (from 2500 till 70 rpm) with small displacements.
The high efficiency, high torque at low speeds and compact design allow the use of them in different fields: industrial, marine, off-shore, mobile and agriculture.

Working in every position

High thermal conductivity and low weight with aluminium housing

High efficiency

Dynamic brake

Low noise level

IEC/NEMA flanges to match most of the gearboxes on the market


The MI04 Hydraulic Motor is available in two different versions:


  • Stable speed in the range 70-2000 rpm
  • Working continuous pressure up to 150 bar
  • Available with IEC/NEMA flange for gearbox coupling

ATEX versions are also available of all Var-Spe hydraulic motors.

MI hydraulic motors guarantee an excellent rotation reversibility and IEC B5/B14 or Nema flanges ensure the coupling with the main range of reducers in the market.
Possibility to add to the motor also a Speed sensor for detecting the speed rotation of output shaft.

via Cordellina, 81 36077 Tavernelle, Altavilla Vicentina Vicenza – ITALY Tel: (+39) 0444 572011 Mail: info@varspe.com
via Cordellina, 81
36077 Tavernelle, Altavilla Vicentina
Vicenza – ITALY
Phone: (+39) 0444 572011
Email: info@varspe.com